1. Summer Vibes

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After putting his creative aspirations on hold for over a decade, 32-year-old Hisham Dahud decided it was now or never.

After a successful run as a respected music marketer and artist educator, he hit an emotional breaking point in 2019 and could no longer ignore the call of artistry.

“Despite whatever success I was seeing on the business side of music, I never once felt this what I was really after,” he says. “I kept honing my craft basically in secret and thinking deeply about who I wanted to be as an artist. The more I followed (and in some cases, even worked with) artists I loved and respected, the more I kept feeling, 'I belong on the creator's side.'"

A self-taught musician since childhood, his artist name Rizik loosely translates to "blessing" in Arabic... but also holds deeper meaning.

“It serves as a reminder to never let go of this innate ability," he says. "I’ve been too scared to fully embrace and accept it as a path for my life—a classic case of imposter syndrome, something I've been battling nearly all my life."

Rizik also happens to be Hisham's mother’s maiden name—his greatest supporter and someone who always trusted him to make the right decisions. This project is also an homage to her.