Out Now: Paradise Lost (Rizik Rework) [feat. Brothertiger]


Brothertiger is an artist I've been excited about for several years. His lyrics are always relatable and the atmosphere he creates in his music puts in me in a place I've never visited, never seen, nor never heard of... but know my soul belongs in. So when he made the stems to 'Paradise Lost' available for remixing, I had to jump on it. 

Normally categorized as a chillwave artist, I wanted to take a more spacious, ethereal and cinematic approach to Brothertiger. I opened up the track to really let his lyrics take centerstage while infusing what I like to think is 'my thing' with piano, orchestral arrangements and big crescendos to allow for raw emotion over anything else. 

I hope you like it. 

And please, check out his original if you do: smarturl.it/BT_ParadiseLost 

-Hisham (Rizik) 



How could I afford to lose my grip? 
Clung to this fickle world that I live in 
Fantasize about a place I've never been 
When I open up my eyes I'm back again 

You and I move through life on a different route 
Comes down to the paths that we pursue 
Realize that it takes time to see things through 
What's the point of living high without a view? 

I long for the gold sunrise 
Paradise lost 
On a bright dawn 
I wanna stay up all night 
Paradise lost 
How I long for life 

I climbed to the top of the tallest tree 
To see if the clouds would open up to me 
Looking out I see your boat pass through the bay 
Coming closer now, I lie in wait 

You and I sing through life in a different tune 
But the melody's the same the whole way through 
In your eyes I see the sky: a Pacific blue 
What's the point of living high without a view? 



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