Why I Left Social Media (For Now)

About a month ago, I deleted all social media (even email) from my phone. This came as a shock to many who know me, as I’ve always been known as a digital evangelist*. 

*If you didn’t know me before Rizik…

Short Update

While I steadily released music all summer, I've also been relatively quiet in communicating with folks. 

There are two reasons for this. 

1. I've been experimenting. 

Some know Rizik as a piano project, others as "downtempo", "lo-fi"...  but the truth…

Mini Movies with "A Bridge to Mend"

I had a vision of creating a mini-movie to "A Bridge To Mend" even as I was making the music itself. I'm still very much a rookie DIY filmmaker, learning as I go... but I'm finding so much fulfillment in…


Hi everyone. :) Happy to release a solo piano piece today called "Willow", which is actually the first complete song I ever wrote on piano. It was the first song that made me truly considering giving this artist path a…



Dan Dobi's award winning short film You Are My Person features an original score composed by Hisham Dahud, aka Rizik.  

The musical direction was set forth by Dan Dobi's desire to create an ethereal, almost dreamlike setting…


*FULL SCREEN recommended!*

Levitate came extremely naturally. Every layer you're hearing—pads, strings, piano, and synths—were each performed in a single take. I wanted the visual story to match that feeling of perfect randomness; shapes and ideas flowing naturally without any…

New Single 'Can You Remember' Out Now

After the unexpected success of my first two singles, I was struggling to find something to offer as an appropriate follow-up. The pressure was on, so to speak... and I wanted to give something from the heart, so I spent…

WATCH: Making of Alone Together

Join me in the studio! Here's an in-depth look at how Alone Together came to be—including both the story and production. Enjoy!

Over 100,000 Streams in a Week!

One week, one song. Imposter syndrome has gotten the best of me for nearly 10 years... but I think I just got over it today. 

And that's all it takes—one affirmation, one concrete result. 

If there was ever a time…