New Single 'Can You Remember' Out Now

After the unexpected success of my first two singles, I was struggling to find something to offer as an appropriate follow-up. The pressure was on, so to speak... and I wanted to give something from the heart, so I spent…

WATCH: Making of Alone Together

Join me in the studio! Here's an in-depth look at how Alone Together came to be—including both the story and production. Enjoy!

Over 100,000 Streams in a Week!

One week, one song. Imposter syndrome has gotten the best of me for nearly 10 years... but I think I just got over it today. 

And that's all it takes—one affirmation, one concrete result. 

If there was ever a time…

This Has Been the Prelude

In 2019, I took a leap of faith—to recommit as an artist.

To answer an undying call to create.

To expose, and be exposed.

If you're reading this in 2019, you've leapt with me.

I won't let you down.



Like they say, you gotta start somewhere.

Last night was my first ever public performance as Rizik and it couldn’t have been more fitting to share my early work amongst friends in an intimate setting, ironically in my prior home…

'You Are My Person' Wins at Silicon Beach Film Festival

Working with your friends is always a treat, especially when your friends are highly creative and motivated.  

When friend and filmmaker Dan Dobi asked if I would score his short film "You Are My Person", I naturally jumped all over…