My first NFT is officially LIVE


Owners get an exclusive Panorama performance of "Shedded Skin" and access to my digital sketchbook of piano material. I've also partnered with AmplifyX to make this EASY, no crypto wallet is…

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New Single: 'Shedded Skin' Available Now

As the name implies, "Shedded Skin" is the first Rizik release where I present a fuller, more realized sound than my previous material. There's more to me than piano playing. I tend to make music that feels like a journey…

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Excited to announce my return to the stage! L.A. friends can join me Saturday, July 10th at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood. This'll be an intimate sate of mostly piano material. 

Come for the music - stay for the…

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NEW VIDEO: Live Percussion Performance

I'm honored to be among the first percussionists to showcase Tom Holkenborg's Percussion! 

This is new library from film composer Junkie XL w/ Orchestral Tools. It's been mapped perfectly to a number of drum samplers, including my Alesis Strike MultiPad. 

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NEW SINGLE: Fantasia

'Fantasia' began like many of my piano pieces - through pure improvisation. As I was writing this one however, the chords and melodies began to make me feel nostalgic; like I was looking into a crystal ball of my past…

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INTERVIEW: 'Making Tracks' Podcast

I had the pleasure speaking with Thomas Kam on his 'Making Tracks' podcast—covering everything from overcoming the fraud complex, veering out of my marketing life back into music, coming from conservative cultures and a ton more. 



As you might've noticed, I've kinda disappeared lately. I wanted to disconnect and really hone my craft to return with a piece that was really meaningful; one that I could really take my time with. 

Hopefully this will be worth…

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Levitate Remix Out Now

After the unexpected success of 'Levitate' surpassing 1 million streams on Spotify, I wanted to celebrate the milestone by showcasing the track in a new light. 

With the help of friend and collaborator Stu Murphy (aka Remitter), Levitate has been…

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I've been a fan of the meditation app Headspace for many years, so it was a real honor when they asked that I compose music for them. 

Part of the Bounce Back section under Focus Music, I created 10 original…

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Why I Left Social Media (For Now)

About a month ago, I deleted all social media (even email) from my phone. This came as a shock to many who know me, as I’ve always been known as a digital evangelist*. 

*If you didn’t know me before Rizik…

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Short Update

While I steadily released music all summer, I've also been relatively quiet in communicating with folks. 

There are two reasons for this. 

1. I've been experimenting. 

Some know Rizik as a piano project, others as "downtempo", "lo-fi"...  but the truth…

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